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  • Why Banks Need FI Marketing Specialists

    The Marketing Communication Rules Have Changed. The series ‘Mad Men’ was set in the advertising world of the 1960’s. While the world has changed dramatically, much of those same marketing strategies and tactics are still being employed by many traditional advertising and marketing firms. Most of those approaches start with a […]

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  • Targeting for Better Results | Leap Marketing

    Better Targeting Yields Better Results

    Using Targeting to Maximize Marketing Results.   Leveraging your targeting options is definitely a best practice when you are looking to maximize your bank’s marketing results. When you have the right product configuration, with the right rate, term and offer, coupled with your ability to open the product at the […]

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  • Bank Mergers and Acquisitions | Leap Strategic Marketing

    Merger. Are You a Shepherd or Wolf?

    Marketing During an FI Merger or Acquisition.   If you are planning a bank or credit union merger, or if have one taking place in your footprint market, you definitely have some major marketing opportunities happening over the next year. As a marketer, the choices become pretty clear if you […]

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  • Revitalizing Brand Equity

    Refresh. Revitalize. Reposition. Community banks and credit unions that have a long history and built some substantial brand equity over time. However, they may need to update and reposition their brand for the next generation of consumers. And that is exactly what the management of F&M Bank in Tomah, Wisconsin […]

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  • Digital Marketing | Leap Strategic Marketing

    Advertising That Connects

    Campaign Connects to Culturally Changing Community. First Federal Bank merged with a Bay View Federal a little over two years ago.  The merger of the two banks was great news for both organizations. Bay View Federal had no checking accounts and was primarily a CD based deposit institution. First Federal […]

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  • Seizing Market Opportunity | Leap Marketing Case History

    Marketing That Seizes Opportunity

    A Changing Market Place | Growth Opportunity.   When opportunity presents itself, smart business people grab for the brass ring. The Bank of Sun Prairie (BOSP) management is pretty darn smart. They knew that when a large, statewide bank who is headquartered in their backyard was sold to a much larger, […]

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  • Marketing that connects

    Marketing That Connects

    Marketing Campaign Connects With Professionals. While providing customized banking products and services for business professionals is not new in the industry, it is for most community banks. First Bank Financial Centre  thought the strategy of providing customized banking solutions for professionals was a good way to leverage their small business banking […]

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  • Find Your Brand Voice | Leap Strategic Marketing

    Define Your Brand Voice

    Gain a Competitive Advantage. Brands, just like people, have a voice – the tone, manner and style of communication is what helps distinguish one person from another. Your brand is much more than a logo, tagline or unique creative design element. Brand Voice is essential for marketers to create and manage […]

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  • Marketing That Launches

    Launching a New Facility Should Be Grand. Just like the first impression one makes in an interview, how you launch a new facility can make a big difference in success or failure. If you calculate all the time and money that have gone into making that new facility a reality, […]

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  • Advertising That Differentiates

    A&W Differentiates with Bigger Burgers. All Double Cheeseburgers are not created equal. The reason is the size of the regular hamburgers at each fast food restaurant chain. For example, McDonald’s has always used a 10 to 1 ratio for their regular hamburgers. That means they make 10 hamburgers out of […]

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  • Advertising That Acquires

    CCFBank Rolls-out New Brandtailing Campaign. In order to capitalize on their rebranding marketing investment, CCFBank has launched a brandtailing marketing and advertising campaign in their footprint markets. This checking acquisition campaign is the bank’s first major brandtailing effort and is designed to acquire new deposit customers in their branch locations […]

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  • Co-branding with Celebrities

    Affordable Celebrity Sponsorships

    Smaller Clients Can Afford Celebrities. Celebrities have been used in marketing since the dawn of modern advertising. Their job in the marketing mix has been used to accomplish many different goals and objectives. Some typical uses for celebrities: building brand awareness, endorsing products, connecting the brand to target audiences, creating […]

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